Cycle trip to wales!

So today I was up bright and early to go with my friend, via bicycle, to North Wales, me starting at West Kirby and meeting him on the way at Parkgate. Overall, it was a really nice cycle, but I’m absolutely shattered now. GPS tracklogs:

Matt and I, both being radio amateurs, were eager to operate as MW6ILO/MW6MLD instead of the usual M6, and did so as soon as we crossed the border.

As it was getting dark and we fortunately had enough cash, we opted to get the train. We were lucky that we made the decision at that time and that we were there at the correct time, as the trains only went every three hours! I also had my first experience of buying a ticket from the guard.

Matt got off at Neston & cycled home from there, and I had an significantly longer cycle home from Heswall. Annoyingly, my GPS kept trying to send me on unlit cycle paths, at night. Whilst I do have a very bright light, I chose to keep to the road and ignore its incessant beeping.

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