IET Communications Policy Panel at the House of Lords

I was fortunate to be invited as an Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Diamond Jubilee scholar to the 10th Communications Policy Panel luncheon, hosted by Lord Broers (an electrical engineer, and Vice Chancellor at Cambridge) this Tuesday, 27th November. The topics of discussion focused on the key issues around 5G for policymakers — having worked with the mobile team at BT Labs over summer, 5G is a particular area of interest for me.

Milo Noblet (IET Diamond Jubilee scholar), Martina Cheadle (IET Diamond Jubilee alumna) and Sir Edmund Burton kbe


Summer Internship 2018: BT Labs Adastral Park, Suffolk

As an IET Diamond Jubilee scholar sponsored by British Telecom, I was invited to apply for a 12-week placement at BT’s Adastral Park research and development facility at Martlesham in Suffolk.


A dash cam setup for under £40: fitting the Anmyox Lanka to a VW Polo 9N

I’ve been looking at dash cams recently, and wanted to see just how affordable it could be to fit one to a vehicle. Honest John recommended the Lanka HD camera, which at £21.99 from Amazon was well within my budget for this project. (more…)

Training Arkwright Engineering Scholars at Bletchley Park

This Saturday I found myself at the RSGB’s National Radio Centre within Bletchley Park, former Second World War home of the Government Code and Cypher School (now GCHQ) for the third year running. (more…)

Youngsters on the Air 2017

This is an abridged version of my article published in RadCom Vol. 93 No. 10 October 2017. You might also like to watch the recording of my lecture at the Radio Society of Great Britain Convention on this topic, embedded below.

Lecture at RSGB Convention 2017, Milton Keynes

YOTA 2017 saw young people from all over the world come together in the UK for a week of fun, amateur radio based activities.


A-level Physics Revision Notes

A-level Physics Revision Notes [PDF, 406KB]
These notes go up to partway through the electromagnetic induction section of the course (midway through Y13).
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Enforcing the new TV Licensing rules

Further to ‘Thoughts on the “iPlayer Loophole”‘, The Telegraph this morning revealed that the BBC will be deploying a new breed of ‘detector van’ to catch those who don’t cough up.

The article says “the BBC vans will fan out … capturing information from private WiFi networks to “sniff out” those who have not paid”. It’s clear that the proposal is to capture information from home wireless networks – we are told the BBC has been given “legal dispensation” to use WiFi-sniffing technology “which is typically only available to crime-fighting agencies.” (more…)

Thoughts on “The iPlayer Loophole”

In the UK, one requires a licence to watch television as it is broadcast live, which costs around £145/year. However, no such licence is required to watch television programmes on catch-up services such as the BBC’s iPlayer. Of course, in the eyes of the BBC, this is a Bad Thing, as sales of DVD box sets of series will fall.

So the BBC have announced that from 1 September 2016 the “iPlayer loophole” will be removed. (more…)

Bluetooth for audio is a good standard in the way that candles are a good standard for replacing lightbulbs because they don’t have to be plugged in.

Verge user Gumble Starby on Apple’s plans to remove the TRS port from the next iPhone.

Video: GB1SS – schools speak to Tim Peake

Video from the Radio Society of Great Britain. Clip from my talk at the Derby High School’s contact at 2:40.