Bluetooth as a standard for audio

Bluetooth for audio is a good standard in the way that candles are a good standard for replacing lightbulbs because they don’t have to be plugged in. Verge user Gumble Starby on Apple’s plans to remove the TRS port from the next iPhone.

AS Geography Revision Notes

AQA AS-level Geography Revision Notes that I’ve written – hopefully they may be of some use to you. Human Geography – Health Human Geography – Population Physical Geography – Coasts Physical Geography – Rivers AS Geography Revision Notes by Milo Noblet is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Derby High School ARISS contact – Panel

I was fortunate to attend The Derby High School, Bury’s ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) contact with ESA astronaut Tim Peake last week, representing the Radio Society of Great Britain’s Youth Committee. Following the successful ten-minute contact, I said a few words about the hobby of amateur radio: You can view the… Continue reading Derby High School ARISS contact – Panel

Write-up of Derby High School’s ARISS contact 2016-04-25

This article was originally published in Radcom, vol.92 No.7 July 2016 p.72-73. The staff and students of Derby High School, Bury, and its partner primary schools, had been preparing for their amateur radio contact with Tim Peake for months – researching the work of astronauts and learning about the science behind space exploration.

Finding your way around GPG

GPG is pretty fiddly to work with in the command line (you’re generally better off using something like Enigmail in Thunderbird), so here’s an overview of the various functions.

‘Fair’ Travel

I’ve just come across this petition calling for regulations restricting UK travel companies charging adult prices for under 18s. It makes a very valid point. National Minimum Wage applies at a reduced rate for under 18s, and apprentices receive even less – around £3/hr- but both groups are expected to pay adult prices. In addition, under… Continue reading ‘Fair’ Travel

Renew your domains now – Nominet Price Hike

This evening I renewed two of my .uk domains for 8 years (bringing them up to a maximum of 10 years each), in advance of Nominet’s imminent price hike. From 1 March 2016 the cost of domains in the UK namespace (.uk and its subsidiaries) will increase by 50%. This is the first price increase since 2000, so… Continue reading Renew your domains now – Nominet Price Hike

Watson W8681 weather station feeding data to WUnderground via a Raspberry Pi

Install Raspbian on your Pi. In the setup process go to Advanced and enable SSH. Also, set it to boot to the command line rather than the desktop – you should be able to run this headless. Do some basic maintenance sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo rpi-update sudo reboot Install Python sudo apt-get… Continue reading Watson W8681 weather station feeding data to WUnderground via a Raspberry Pi