GPG – set smartcard public key URL

gpg –card-edit gpg> admin Admin commands are allowed gpg> url Note: you can also edit name, PIN, lang, sex etc. Handy resource:


GPG Key to Card

How to move your PGP private key across to a smartcard using gpg for Windows: gpg –edit-key Key_ID_here * You should see some background on your key. Key line is “Secret key available.” GPG will enter interactive mode – you will see gpg> at the start of the command line. toggle then key 1 followed […]


Switching to ODF in Office 2013

Open Word, create a new document (or edit an existing one) File>Options>Save Change ‘Save files in this format’ to OpenDocument Text (*.odt). Press OK. A pop-up will come up with “You are changing your default file format to OpenDocument Format. Do you also want to change this setting for all other Microsoft Office applications that support this […]


Obfuscating email addresses on your website

Spammers harvest email addresses by crawling websites. It’s common knowledge. But for a personal website, you want people to have your email address… and solutions such as writing ‘user [at] domain.tld’ look ugly and aren’t user-friendly – and neither is using something like ReCAPTCHA mailhide. But there is one thing you can do that might […]


Building an APRS iGate using a Raspberry Pi and a TV tuner dongle

I’ve been messing around with APRS – the Automatic Packet Reporting System – for some time now and had noticed an absence of coverage in my local area. The end goal of APRS is to feed packets (which might be position data, weather reports, messages or other information) to the APRS-IS (which can be viewed at, […]

Radio RSGB SOTA Wales

Project DX15 – RSGB Youth DXpedition

Last week, I travelled to South Wales to take part in the RSGB’s Youth DXpedition – the first such trip organised by the Society’s recently-formed Youth Committee.


Arkwright Engineering Scholarship – interview results

The outcome of my interview for the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship came through on 16 July – I was successful. The scholarship gives a financial award of £600 to the scholar over the two years of sixth form and £400 to the scholar’s school, but I am more interested in the industry links and mentoring that will hopefully be available […]

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LG G Watch – adverse skin reaction?

I’ve had an LG G Watch since September 2014 – being a sort-of-early adopter. Overall, it’s been great – both as a wristwatch and as a phone accessory; getting notifications through to your wrist is brilliant. But not all is good.

Life School

Update on Arkwright scholarship

Earlier this year I was made aware of the Arkwright Scholarships Trust, and their engineering scholarships which are available to those with an interest in the topic who intend to study mathematics at A-level. Unfortunately, I was only told about the scholarship three days before the deadline for applications, but nonetheless applied. A few weeks later, with six others, […]


The TP-Link Nano Router is the best thing since sliced bread.

For the past two weeks – and for the next – I have been travelling around the state of California. Wanting to keep connected, I’ve brought my laptop, my iPad Mini and my Moto G along. Three give me ‘unlimited’ mobile data in the US, but I’ve still needed WiFi for the other two. Most […]