The TP-Link Nano Router is the best thing since sliced bread.

For the past two weeks – and for the next – I have been travelling around the state of California. Wanting to keep connected, I’ve brought my laptop, my iPad Mini and my Moto G along. Three give me ‘unlimited’ mobile data in the US, but I’ve still needed WiFi for the other two.

Most of the places I’ve stayed have had WiFi, but a fair few have had the AP located in a neighbour’s home, or actually just had a cat5 cable. That’s where the TP-Link TL-WR702N came in.

I bought it from Amazon for around ¬£20 last year, because it’s just a handy thing to have. This summer, it’s really proved its worth – in the house with just cat5, I was able to put it in its default AP mode, and simply connect the nano router to the cable, providing the whole family (well, up to 5 devices) with wireless Internet – that reached through the whole house too!

Here, with the WiFi located in a neighbour’s home, it will only reach a few feet from the kitchen. Luckily, all I had to do was connect to the nano router with a cat5 cable and connect it to the neighbour’s WiFi, and it seamlessly¬†switched over into repeater mode and rebroadcast the network, allowing for access from the entire apartment.

The price has probably gone down even more now, but even if not, I’d highly recommend picking a nano-router up.

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